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Aftershave Caffeine & Açai lotion for men, SANTE, 100 ml

Nourishes and revitalizes the skin with valuable extracts Fresh smell Refreshing feeling after shaving Soothes skin irritations Suitable for vegans and gluten free

Shampoo-shower gel 2in1 for men SPORT, Attitude, 473ml

Ginseng extract is known to tone hair and stimulate hair growth while protecting the skin. Grape seed oil is known

Shower gel for men with blue cedar Faith In Nature, 400 ml

A rich and special shower gel enriched with the aromas of blue cedar and Swedish mountain plants and trees. The explosion of luxurious aroma will make your day uplifting. Contains vitamin E, vegetable glycerin and organic green tea extract, known for its antioxidant properties. Does not contain dyes and artificial fragrances Free of parabens and SLS/SLES

SOS hand balm for dry and cracked skin, Lavera, 50 ml

If you have dry and cracked hands, help is at hand with Lavera SOS Hand Balm. The balm's nourishing natural and organic formula will help keep dry and chapped hands moisturized, soft, smooth and supple. The organic hand balm contains a rich cell protection complex consisting of organic almond oils, cocoa and shea butter, which forms a protective film on the hands to help maintain skin's moisture levels. Organic Macadamia Oil: quickly absorbed into the skin with excellent hand care properties. Organic Shea Butter: improves skin elasticity and makes skin smoother.