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Aroma composition of essential oils “Aroma of temptation” Aromatika, 10 ml

Aroma composition of essential oils “Aroma of temptation” Aroma helps reduce psycho-emotional stress, relieves discomfort, uncertainty, helps to relax, warms, allows you to tune in to harmonious communication and sound in unison. The aroma mixture helps to fill with inner strength, has a powerful eroticizing effect, significantly increasing the level of attractiveness of a man and a woman in each other’s eyes. Awakens sexual desire and fantasies, stimulates sexual activity, heightens feelings, allows a couple to enjoy love games longer. In addition, the mixture has immunomodulatory, bactericidal and antiseptic properties. The composition “Aroma of Temptation” helps with nausea and dizziness, and is effective against colds. In cosmetology, it helps the skin with acne and pustular rashes, and is used to care for problem skin.

Aroma composition of essential oils “Calming”, Aroma, 10 ml

Aroma composition of essential oils “Calming” Aroma relaxes, relieves tension, helps eliminate depression, melancholy, apathy, fatigue. The mixture concentrates attention, tones the heart and blood vessels, and increases appetite. It also promotes the removal of “toxins” from the body and is indicated for increased stress on the visual apparatus (working at a computer). In cosmetology, the “Calming” aroma composition Aromatika is used to normalize the water-fat metabolism of skin and hair, as well as for cellulite and obesity. The cosmetic product will delight you with its high quality and versatility in use, which makes it an ideal purchase for the whole family. In cosmetology, it helps the skin with acne and pustular rashes, and is used to care for problem skin.

Aroma composition of essential oils “Money Box” Aromatika, 10 ml

Aroma composition of essential oils “Money Box” is a product consisting only of natural ingredients. The presented complex of natural essential oils will help you in such a complex and important matter as attracting money and prosperity. Essential oils are more than just oils that have a scent. They contain all the life-giving properties of plants, all their experiences and emotions. Scientists have long known that plants are able to respond to people’s emotions; they have their own thoughts and even feelings. That is why money essential oils can help in such a difficult matter as attracting wealth, monetary luck and business success. The aroma composition of essential oils “Money Box” awakens the energy of the Earth, brings money, prosperity, abundance, stability. Enjoy not just pleasant aromas that bring you well-being, but also use a healing aroma mixture for skin and hair care.

Essential oil Grapefruit, Aromatika, 10, ml

Essential oil Grapefruit has found wide application in cosmetology, both at home and in the salon. First of all, grapefruit oil for the skin helps to brighten and whiten it; it is a gentle but effective remedy for whitening freckles and age spots on the face. The oil cleanses the skin of impurities and normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands, improves the drainage functions of the skin, and, therefore, is effective for caring for problematic and oily skin. With this remedy you can fight the first signs of aging. After exposure to citrus essential oil, the skin is toned, its elasticity and firmness increases. Masks enriched with grapefruit oil are especially useful for strengthening and nourishing the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté. Along with orange essential oil, grapefruit body oil is at the forefront of the fight against cellulite and stretch marks. Its active components improve skin nutrition, enhance metabolic processes in subcutaneous fat tissue, help restore fluid balance, ultimately remove excess fluid during swelling, and soften the skin. Healthy, strong nails are guaranteed if you regularly moisturize and nourish your nail plates with products containing grapefruit oil. The oil normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands in the scalp, so it gives good results in caring for oily hair. The product increases the tone of hair follicles, which prevents hair loss and adds shine and vitality to hair. It is not difficult to achieve such results; it is enough to regularly use grapefruit oil to massage the scalp, add it to shampoos, masks, and rinses. With regular long-term use, the hair stops quickly becoming dirty.

Essential oil Lavender, Aromatika, 10, ml

Essential oil Lavender is one of the most actively used essential oils in the cosmetic industry and copes with a variety of cosmetic problems. If you didn't know which essential oils for the face are universal, then this oil is suitable for most skin types and conditions, but is especially suitable for caring for oily, aging, irritated skin. Lavender essential oil for the face refreshes, relieves redness and flaking of the skin. It promotes rapid skin regeneration, soothes the skin and controls sebum secretion, helping to improve the condition of acne-prone skin. Can be used to stimulate nail growth and polish the nail plate. Lavender essential oil is also great for solving damaged hair problems. The components of lavender oil help stop hair loss and brittleness, increase elasticity, give it strength and shine. In addition, the oil prevents drying of the skin, normalizes oiliness, and reduces the appearance of dandruff.

Essential oil Lemon, Aromatika, 10 ml

Essential oil Lemon is highly valued in dermatology, cosmetology and sports massage. It is successfully used to care for the skin of the face, body, hair and nails. The effect of its use is noticeable from the first time, and regular use leads to positive changes in facial skin. Lemon essential oil for the face is beneficial for any type of oily skin. The main thing is that if you use it for skin prone to dryness, follow the dosage exactly and use a minimal amount of oil. For example, a drop of lemon oil is mixed with base olive oil. Such oils help saturate the skin with moisture and remove flaking of the facial skin. In the case of problematic and oily skin, lemon essential oil will eliminate excess oil, normalize sebum secretion, and help tighten pores. This cosmetic product stimulates the growth of new skin cells, helps smooth out existing wrinkles and improves the tone of aging, sagging skin. Therefore, the use of lemon oil helps to some extent slow down the process of withering of the epidermis. Lemon essential oil is one of the best cleansing essential oils; it promotes skin regeneration. By using this product on the face, you can significantly soften rough areas of the skin, exfoliate its dead cells, and increase the tone of the epidermis. Just like lemon juice, lemon oil has a whitening effect, so it can be used to combat freckles and reduce pigmentation. As a result, the complexion becomes fresh and even, and pale and dull skin can take on a healthier appearance. In case of unsuccessful tanning, you can use lemon essential oil to whiten the skin. The aromatic oil is used for cellulite. It is used in combination with base oil for anti-cellulite massage and wraps, and is also added to anti-cellulite baths. In hand cream, lemon oil effectively strengthens nails and is suitable for brightening them. This is one of the best cosmetics for “grooming” hands. So, aroma baths followed by application of an aroma mixture of lemon essential oil and wheat germ oil will give your hands an aristocratic and well-groomed look. The use of lemon essential oil also softens rough skin on the elbows and knees. Lemon oil for hair is recommended to eliminate hair fragility. This is a natural hair lightener that will give your curls a light platinum tint and a delightful shine. Remember that essential oils, including lemon essential oil, are highly concentrated plant essences, so they cannot be applied to the skin in pure, undiluted form. For cosmetic use, they should be diluted in a base fatty oil (carrier oil) or any other emulsifier. Essential oils do not dissolve in water, but they dissolve perfectly in fat, milk, kefir, yogurt, wax, honey, and salt.

Essential oil Mandarin, Aromatika, 10, ml

Tangerine essential oil brings a feeling of peace and tranquility, relieves nervous tension, relieves feelings of fear and anxiety, and helps eliminate irritability, mental and physical fatigue. The invigorating and refreshing aroma of the oil helps to find peace of mind and tranquility. As an aromatic adaptogen, tangerine oil optimizes self-regulation, quickly restores strength, and is an excellent remedy for general weakness Tangerine essential oil is suitable for the care of sensitive skin, and is also an excellent cosmetic product for the care of irritated, mature and aging, problematic, porous and oily skin. This oil softens, tones, refreshes tired, starving skin, eliminates premature wrinkles, and evens out the relief of the epidermis.

Essential oil Ylang-ylang, Aromatika, 10, ml

Essential oil Ylang-ylang is a favorite oil in cosmetology. Well suited for both dry and oily skin, it normalizes sebum production. The product is also useful for damaged skin, helps restore skin after prolonged sunbathing, and strengthens the tan. Having such a product in your beauty arsenal, you can even out your complexion and give it a healthy glow. Ylang-ylang has a softening and calming effect, it smoothes and moisturizes the skin. In massage practice it is used to relax the face. Ylang-ylang aroma oil is considered an ideal essential oil for aging, overly sensitive or porous skin, as it promotes deep nourishment of skin cells.