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BIO vegetable bouillon cubes with reduced salt, Rapunzel, 8×8.5 g

Suitable for vegans. The package is enough to make 8 x 0.5 l broth. Application: for making broth; will enrich the taste of soups, sauces and other warm dishes. It does not contain lactose, cholesterol, flavor enhancers and table salt. Whether it's a soup, a sauce or a side dish for a main course, this broth will add soul to it!

Food supplement Eisenblut Rabenhorst, 450 ml

Rabenhorst EISENBLUT juice is rich in iron and vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B12, which are important for blood production. Pressed from fresh fruit, only from very high quality raw materials, not made from concentrate. Without alcohol. Sweetened with honey. Suitable for vegetarians. Dietary supplement. The human body is not able to produce iron by itself, so it is important to take it in a sufficient amount with food. The gluconate used in Eisenblut juice is produced from glucose (grape sugar) by an oxidation method. The gluconate is then combined with divalent iron, which is obtained from inorganic iron salts. The body absorbs iron especially well in the form of iron (II) gluconate, which is used in this juice. Iron (II) gluconate does not contain animal products, so Eisenblut is also suitable for vegetarians. The amount of juice that corresponds to the recommended daily dose of iron: Women and girls from the age of 10 - 20 ml Boys (10-18 years) – 15 ml Men from the age of 19 and women from the age of 51 – 12.5 ml Children from 4 years of age - 10 ml Breastfeeding women - 25 ml Pregnant women – 40 ml Usage: the daily dose is best taken several times during meals. If you have been using iron for a long time, find out if you are deficient. There is a measuring cup in the box. Rinse before use. Warnings: Do not use the food supplement as a substitute for a full and balanced diet! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Do not use the supplement if you have hemochromatosis (a disease caused by an excess amount of iron in the body). Before starting long-term use of iron supplements or iron-fortified juices, it is recommended that you have blood tests and check your iron levels. Although iron deficiency is not a rare phenomenon (especially in children, teenagers, pregnant women and seniors), excess amount of iron is no less harmful than its deficiency. In a dark glass bottle. There is a measuring cup. After opening, store tightly closed in the refrigerator, out of the reach of children. Use within 14 days. Can be frozen in portions. A NUTRITION ENRICHMENT DOES NOT REPLACE A COMPLETE AND BALANCED DIET.