Bathroom cleaner with a citrus scent, Attitude, 800 ml

Did you know that we go to the bathroom six to eight times a day? All the more reason to keep your bathroom clean and inviting! ATTITUDE Nature + TechnologyTM Bathroom Cleaner with Citrus Peel is powerful against limescale and effective at removing soap scum and grime from surfaces such as tiles, shower curtains, countertops and toilet bowls. This effective natural formula - with cleaning ingredients such as saponin - will keep your hygiene room perfectly clean and smelling fresh every day! In addition, it uses only plant- and mineral-based hypoallergenic ingredients.

BIO vegetable bouillon cubes with reduced salt, Rapunzel, 8×8.5 g

Suitable for vegans. The package is enough to make 8 x 0.5 l broth. Application: for making broth; will enrich the taste of soups, sauces and other warm dishes. It does not contain lactose, cholesterol, flavor enhancers and table salt. Whether it's a soup, a sauce or a side dish for a main course, this broth will add soul to it!

Buckwheat pasta Spaghetti without gluten, Rapunzel, 250 gr

A wonderful nutty aroma makes this pseudo-grain pasta a special delicacy. Gluten-free and with a perfect al-dente bite, it is a good alternative to cereal pasta. Spaghetti is rich in thiamin, magnesium and zinc and a source of protein. Buckwheat spaghetti contains only a few carbohydrates and is perfect for low-carb diets and people who want to avoid gluten

Cleansing micellar water HYDRA SENSATION, Lavera, 400ml

A gentle cleanser that guarantees beautiful skin. Using a combination of organic algae and natural hyaluronic acid, makeup, dirt and sebum are removed. Combo provides the skin with moisture and freshness. We are for a unique and pleasant feeling. Suitable for all skin types Gentle daily cleanser Refreshing facial skin care

Collagen drink Verisol® Qyra, 21 pcs.

525 ml 21 ampoules of 25 ml Nutritional supplement with VERISOL® collagen peptides and vitamins Niacin, Biotin (with sugar and sweetener). Ready-to-use drinking ampoules with collagen peptides VERISOL®, which is the main component of QYRA®. Collagen is a fibrillar protein that forms the basis of the body's skin and connective tissue. Niacin helps maintain mucosal and skin health. Biotin helps maintain skin health and hair health. 1 vial per day for adults. Shake well before use. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use nutritional supplements to replace a full and balanced diet. Not recommended for children. Pregnant and lactating women are recommended to consult a doctor before using the nutritional supplement.

Dietary supplement with vitamin D3, Dr. Jacobs

Sun vitamin in the form of drops - vitamin D3 in oil. dr. Jacob's Vitamin D3 Öl contains oil-soluble vitamin D with high bioavailability, obtained from lanolin (wool wax) with the help of UV rays. Excellent price-performance ratio: the package is enough for about 600 servings - enough for the whole family. Suitable for vegetarians. Until recently, there was a belief that vitamin D is only necessary for children from the first month of life to the age of 2 years, when the skeleton is intensively formed. It is now clear that vitamin D is necessary at any age - expectant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, children, teenagers and adults, as well as the elderly - because as the body ages, its natural ability to produce it on its own decreases. It has been scientifically proven that vitamin D supports body functions: - contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, - promotes the normal absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, - helps to maintain the health of bones and teeth, - helps maintain normal muscle function, - helps to maintain a normal level of calcium in the blood, - necessary for cell division.

Dishwasher tablets ALL-IN-ONE, Etamine Du Lys, 30 pcs

All-in-one dishwashing tablets combine washing, salt and rinse functions in one tablet. There is no need to use additional means for the maintenance of the dishwasher. Packed in a water-soluble coating. The tablets are biodegradable by 99% (OECD 302B test). The products do not contain petroleum refining substances, SLS, ALS, PEG, genetically modified ingredients, parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances and dyes. Ecocert certified. One wash - one tablet

Dishwasher tablets Klar ECO Sensitive, 25 pcs

Cleaning and detergents Klar (Germany) contain only plant and mineral ingredients that are gentle on both the environment and our health. The Klar product line is especially suitable for people with very sensitive skin, children and people with allergies. Klar products do not contain fragrances, phosphates, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS), artificial colors and preservatives. Ecological safety and the highest quality of products are confirmed by the ECO-GARANTIE certificate.

Dishwashing liquid Citrus aroma, Attitude, 700 ml

Attitude dishwashing detergents are a safe alternative to chemical detergents - they are able to clean stuck-on food residues and greasy dishes in a completely natural way! Then why not choose Attitude? EcoLogo certified, CO2 neutral. Suitable for septic tank systems.

Dishwashing liquid Pomegranate, ECOVER, 450 ml

Washes perfectly, leaves no residue and smells fresh. A great helper when washing dishes by hand. Fat-free With plant-based, biodegradable ingredients Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin Suitable for septic tank Cruelty-Free International Vegan friendly Our plant-based washing-up liquid removes dirt from dishes, does not irritate skin and works with the power of biodegradable ingredients to keep your dishes sparkling clean.

Intensive smoothing cream for the skin around the eyes with organic Damask rose for dry and normal skin, Logona, 15 ml

✓Reduces expression lines ✓Increases skin elasticity ✓Strengthens the skin's self-defense mechanism ✓Also suitable for contact lens users provides intensive hydration to the sensitive skin around the eyes and reduces expression lines. The high-quality recipe with Damascus Rose and Kalpariane TM from brown algae strengthens the skin's own defenses and protects it from free radicals and environmental influences. Also suitable for contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologically tested.

Kitchen cleaner, Attitude, 800 ml

Specially designed for cleaning kitchen surfaces from greasy stains and dirt. Effectively degreases surfaces. The NATURE + TECHNOLOGY™ product line is inspired by nature and science, and the products contain highly effective plant-based ingredients. Hypoallergenic. Created for your family, respecting our planet. ECOLOGO certified. Vegan. Not tested on animals.

Lip balm Lavera Pearly Pink, 4.5 ml

Lavera Beauty & Care pink lip balm combines shade and care in one product. Its unique formula with a touch of pink gives the lips complete care, thus preventing them from drying out. Naturally beautiful and soft lips.

Lip gloss Trend Sensitive, Lavera, 6.5 ml

For soft, healthy-looking lips with a seductive glow and an amazing smile Contains carefully selected high-quality olive and jojoba oil, and combined with vitamins and minerals, soothes and pampers the delicate skin of the lips. How to use: Simply apply the lip gloss to your lips and you're done! Lip gloss makes lips appear fuller, especially when applied in the middle of the lips.

Mattifying and balancing face cream with organic calendula and green tea, Lavera, 50 ml

For normal/combination skin A clever combination of vitamin E and calendula takes care of the facial skin by moisturizing it and mattifying the oily T-zone. Vegetable oils, soy lecithin and vitamin E intensively moisturize and refresh the skin. Plant extracts and plant oils make the skin smoother and healthier. Mango pit and shea butter nourish the skin. An innovative formula of orange, apple and grapefruit extracts balances the condition of the skin.

Mineral sunscreen for babies and children SPF30, fragrance-free, ATTITUDE, 150 gr

The vegan sunscreen is perfect for the delicate skin of babies and children and uses pure, natural mineral filters to protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Its eco-friendly formula is safe and contains minerals from coral reefs and other aquatic organisms. Hypoallergenic fragrance-free sunscreen that does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin.

Moisturizing shampoo with Mango and Aloe Vera, Sante Family, 250 ml

SANTE moisturizing shampoo with mango and aloe - suitable for the whole family. This tropical fruit-scented shampoo contains herbal effervescent agents that gently and effectively cleanse the scalp and hair. Suitable for everyday use. Provides intensive hydration for dry hair. The natural and gentle formula of the shampoo protects the hair from dryness. The shampoo also contains organic aloe juice and mango extract, which help maintain healthy hair moisture levels and add shine. Dermatologist tested. Suitable for vegans.

Organic Erythritol, sweetener, Diet-Food, 400 gr

Organic erythritol sweetener. Suitable for the "Keto" diet. A healthy alternative to traditional white sugar. Bio erythritol is obtained from fruits and vegetables. This sweetener contains 0 calories and can be used as a calorie-free sugar alternative. Use: Erythrol can be added to a wide variety of foods - confectionery, drinks, chocolates. Erythritol is about 60-80% sweet relative to sugar. Introduce gradually into the diet. Excessive use may have a laxative effect.

Psillum seed pods Urtekram, 200 g

Organic gluten-free Indian psyllium seed pods. Contains a lot of fiber. Used in bakery products to increase fiber content and improve texture. Ideal for gluten-free baked goods. It tastes good in dry breakfast. Indian psyllium (Latin Plantago ovata, English Psyllium Husks) is the most common plant in northwestern India. Up to 15,000 seeds can grow on a single plant, each covered by a seed coat. Indian psyllium seed coats readily absorb water and can expand up to 10 times in size.

Set of beeswax candles, FeelGreen, 4 pcs

Beeswax candles 4 pcs Dimensions: length 12 cm, diameter 3.5 cm Burning time 6-7 hours Handmade

Shampoo for hair volume with goji berries and henna, Sante Family, 250 ml

Sante Family shampoo with organic goji and henna extracts is suitable for fine hair. Improves structure, gives hair volume and elasticity. Forms a soft foam. A natural, juicy refreshing fragrance. Non-coloring henna extract: known for its elasticity and volume-enhancing properties.

Toilet bowl cleaner, Earth Friendly Products (USA), 710 ml

Effectively cleans, removes unpleasant odors and fills the room with a fresh cedar aroma. Fights against limestone. Not tested on animals. Easily biodegradable. Balanced PH level

Toilet cleaner Klar ECO Sensitive, 500 ml

Eliminates limescale and uric acid with the power of natural citric and lactic acid. Do not use on marble, terrazzo and enamelled surfaces.

Triphala powder Ayurveda Line Super Triphala, Diet-Food 100 g

Triphala helps to stimulate the metabolism and intestinal tract. In the East, triphala is believed to promote longevity and improve the health of all body systems. Triphala powder is a blend of three herbs: amla, bibhitaki and haritaki, where each herb performs a specific function. Triphala has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since its inception, using this super-powder to cleanse the body, promote bowel movement, and even improve dental health. Ayurvedic medicine focuses on promoting health and preventing disease before it occurs.

Universal surface cleaner with orange concentrate, ORANGE MATE, ECOS, 500ml

Orange Mate universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate with orange oil Environmentally friendly herbal product. The concentrate with orange oil effectively cleans very dirty and greasy surfaces, such as ovens and pans. Diluted, it can be used on the floor, also on linoleum, tiles and other hard surfaces.

Whole grain rice noodles Spirelli, gluten-free, Rapunzel, 250 gr

100% rice pasta is made from the best brown rice grains. A well-prepared meal that will provide suitable products not only for those with special dietary needs, but also for the whole family.